Stop Smoking Hypnosis... with Hypnosis CD ! ........ Join the growing majority !!

 Stop Smoking Hypnosis works     Improve: Quality of Life, Length of Life, Increase Physical fitness, No Smokers cough, make yourself Socially acceptable,... Stop Today                                    

British Medical Association:  Recent research into the effectiveness of different 'stop smoking' treatments, including hypnotherapy, patches/gum and other methods of treatment, has confirmed that Hypnotherapy is the most effective way to stop smoking.

Stop Smoking ----  With Hypnosis

NHS registered clinical hypnotist John S Dove fhpa. who is also Chairman of the Hypnotherapy Practitioners Association offers you a New and Powerful Double Album CD " Stop Smoking Pronto

This CD had been described by other health professionals as "one of the most powerful voices ever raised in the fight against nicotine addiction.            The Hypnotherapy Practitioners Association is a registered medical research charity and Members Association. 

  This Double CD Album contains 2 discs.

Disc 1 - Will prepare you for Treatment.

Disc 2 - Contains Your Hypnosis Treatment.

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Personal Treatment is available throughout the UK.

You can arrange a personal appointment  to stop smoking with a therapist near you, anywhere throughout the UK. Click on the link below and go to the Hypnotherapy Practitioners Association's National Register(find a Practitioner -use the link below). Then find a therapist near to your home who will effectively stop you from smoking and free you from your addiction to nicotine.